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I am a step closer to my blessing. I finally got a job after being off since March of 2009. It isn’t the job that I thought it was going to be, but it is going to pay more than the job I lost. There are some responsibilities and adjustments that I will have to make, because it is on second shift, but I can’t help but think that it is a stepping stone for the major blessing that God has for me.

At first I was avoiding it, because of the shift, but this shift keeps on coming back up. Therefore, I have decided to ride this out and let God direct me to the place I am supposed to go. After all of this waiting, I certainly don’t want to miss the Great Blessing!

Thank you Lord for providing for me!!


Been off of work since March 19, 2009. Still have not found a job, yet God is sustaining me. I am convinced God has a big plan in store for me. I have applied for jobs that I know I qualify for and they have not manifested. I am sure God has got me in the season of preparation. Praise be to God.


I attended a service last night where the membership started less than 100. They didn’t have a church building, but when they saw what God promised them, they came and marched around the building. Not only did God give them the church, they have all of the additions that one might add to a small church. God stepped in and showed out in a mighty way. Who says God doesn’t still bring the supernatural into the natural? This was so encouraging to see! God is awesome!

I have been off from work since aprox. 03/19/2009. God has sustained me the whole time. Not to brag, but my family and I made $72,000 last year with me 10mths out of that year. My Pastor (Bishop Walker) always says that God’s math is different than our math. Though I may feel that my situation is tight, God keeps reminding me that he has everything under control. One thing I can say to anyone who is going through a situation, “Pay your tithes”. I truly believe God has sustained me, because I have focused on not withholding what belongs to God. God is a sustainer!

After I got my truck fixed, I found out that I have a Pinion Bearing going bad ($1000) and an EGR valve ($275). The warranty from the engine that I purchased would not cover this. I went to a dealership and was able to trade my truck. The blessing is this, I was able to purchase this car and I am still unemployed. I don’t know what God is doing, but I feel a shift about to take place in my situation.

I have been off of work since 03/19/09. During that time all I have been doing is being faithful with my Ministry work, continuing to tithe, and remaining faithful to God. During this time God has sustained me beyond belief. I have been able to pay my bills just like I was at work. I have always fixed computers on the side and played keyboards. This is the only income I have and God has used it to sustain me. I am so thankful. Look what God can do.

Recently my engine piston cracked and I must have $4300 dollars for an engine. I was worried at first, but I realize that this too has to be here to bless me in some kind of way. A way that has not been revealed yet. I am just going to be patient and trust the Lord. Through this experiencing of losing my job, I have learned that if God allowed it, he must be up to something.

May God bless all of you and bring blessings to your family and your situation.


2 Responses to Worship and praise page

  1. Bettye Dodson says:

    You go Guy, I honor you and praise you for what you do. Be blessed and know there is someone behind you 1,000,000% I respect you and what you do. Thank you.02/06/09


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