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  1. Mrs. Lisa Diane Henderson Edwards says:

    To: The Bishop , Congregation ,and all others affiliated be with Mt.Zion , I want to take this oppotunity to say Thank You . This ministry has blessed my life in ways you could not imagine. God bless Mt. Zion. I am an online member and doing that was the VERY BEST thing I have EVER done in my life God has his hand on the Bishop and this entire ministry and through Mt.Zion MILLIONS will be SAVED all GLORY,HONOR and PRAISE to THE MOST HIGH GOD. OOOOOH IF YOU ONLY KNEW MY LIFE IS SAVED BECAUSE OF THIS MINISTRY MY LIFE REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP ON . MY TESTIMONY: GOD IS GREATER……Than EVERYTHING I’ve BEEN THRU GREATER THAN MY CIRCUMSTANCES GREATER THAN MY SITUATIONS THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME SEE THAT!

    • growintheword says:

      Good Evening,

      I am not Bishop Walker. I am however one of his workers and the author of the Blog. Bishop and the Mt Zion family is glad to have you as a member of Mt Zion Anywhere. I am glad that this Ministry has blessed your life. As you know our Mission statement says, “…we are designed to evangelize the lost at any cost and to equip and empower the people of God with a holistic ministry…” Thank God that he sent you too us and thank God that he allowed us the opportunity to offer Mt Zion Anywhere as an option for continuing to spread the word. Keep us in prayer and continue to pray for us so that we can continue to bring forth change, empowerment, and divine direction.

      Merry Christmas and May God truly bless you!

    • Lisa Diane Edwards says:

      It is amazing to me,How God can shed light into even the darkest recesess of our lives. It is true what is done in the dark will eventually be brought to LIGHT. I know about heart-ache I know about heart-break but I never expected to be hurt from and by those sworn to help me where can one go if he cannot trust the church there is no safe haven for the weary ,sick ,oppressed,I turned to the church some church and I got (believe it or not) SCAMMED .PLAYED , just as if Ihad been on the street.Don’t get it twisted I am in no way bitter I just think that it’s ashame I know no one is perfect But where do we draw the line? GOD I sincerely pray that this never happens again in YOUR HOUSE IN JESUS NAME AMEN.My faith remains intact where as I am surre an incidence like this would have made most resentful,and not want to have anything else to do with church, I however KNOW IT IS NOT ABOUT ME OR YOU IT IS ABOUT THE ADVANCEMENT OF GOD’S KINGDOM ,although I am convinced that God would not approve of such practices.The church is a business true enough BUT LET US NOT FORGET WHO’S BUSINESS IT IS. lovingly MRS E

  2. Lisa Diane Edwards says:

    God has Got it. Thank You.HAPPY NEW YEAR !

  3. Lisa Diane Edwards says:


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