Purpose: Why Am I Here? , Bible Study 10/05/16


Synopsis of Bible Study 9/28/16

This is a question of purpose. Colossians 1:16-18 (MSG) says 15-18 We look at this Son and see the God who cannot be seen. We look at this Son and see God’s original purpose in everything created. For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, rank after rank after rank of angels—everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him. He was there before any of it came into existence and holds it all together right up to this moment. And when it comes to the church, he organizes and holds it together, like a head does a body. – Everything that was created has a genesis. It began with a creator.

Getting into purpose takes faith. Each of us was created for a purpose. There comes a point where you have to live without continuing to go into things without an aim. You got to be willing to understand why God gives you dreams and passions. The purpose of life is not to be happy, instead it is to be useful.

Psalm 138:8 (NKJV) says The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever; Do not forsake the works of Your hands. – If you are alive, there is purpose for you to fulfil. It is up to us to find out what that purpose is.

What is purpose?

  1. The original purpose of a thing can only be defined by the maker of that thing. Purpose then is in the mind of the maker.
  2. You were created for and with a purpose. You were not created to occupy space, you have a purpose.
  3. Discovering purpose. Proverbs 20:5 (MSG) says Knowing what is right is like deep water in the heart; a wise person draws from the well within.- We have to take time to search.
    1. Take time to search for purpose.- Set aside time to discover your passion. You are going to have to go on an inward journey to find out what you are going to do. Parker Palmer wrote, “On the inward downward spiritual journey of purpose, the only way out is in and through. – Sometimes going inward is painful. We must be willing to search within ourselves and find our inner most passion, that hasn’t been discovered. yet
    2. It is going to take faith. Hebrews 11:6 (NKJV) But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

How can we find purpose going inside through our inner pain?

  1. Finding purpose does not equal perfection. God may have factored your imperfections within your purpose. God has no perfect people to pick from, so perfection is not required for purpose. Knowing this, you need to know that finding your purpose will be a journey.
    1. Peter is example of a person that didn’t have a perfect path. He was living as fisherman. Jesus comes and taps into what has been lying dormant inside of Peter the whole time. Peter didn’t even know about it. Matthew 4:18 (NKJV) says 18 And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brothers, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. – Matthew is giving an eye witness of what he saw. He saw Andrew and Peter, but we know (from the other gospels) that they were not the only ones fishing that day. Jesus saw and knew what he needed to draw out of them for their purpose.
    2. Matthew 4:19 (NKJV) says 19 Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” – They were fisherman, but Jesus said he would make them fishers of men. Jesus doesn’t look at Peter and Andrew and say,” I am going to make you hunters”. Jesus says instead that he was going to affirm what he had already put inside them. The passion he put in them wasn’t for what they were doing, but instead for what they were about to do. Ex – To really understand this, we have to consider this: Fisherman have to be patient. By fishing, they were already getting ready for their future without knowing it, because they would have to be patient with people. When you fish, you catch them, and then you clean them. Fishing for mankind is the same. First you catch them and then you try to help the get clean. You catch them then clean them.
  2. You thought your vocation was your purpose. You purposes is greater than your vocation. Peter had been called, but he doesn’t have a clue what this is that he is about to do. Peter denied Jesus 3 times and he cut off a soldier’s ear, among other things he did that revealed his imperfections, but when Jesus was crucified, it was Peter that preached the gospel at Pentecost where over 3000 souls were saved. It was Peter that Jesus left in charge with the disciples.
  3. The initial call to purpose will call you to go through a variety of seasons before you really get there (Your purpose).
    1. Ever great dream begins with a dreamer. In order to live out your dream, there are so strategies you must follow.
  4. Look inside yourself – Don’t depend on the thoughts of others concerning you. Look at the gifts inside you to help you decide what your purpose is. For example: A person may tell you that you look like a preacher and then you decide to become one. This is not the way to go. It is up to you to look at the gifts inside you and determine your purpose for yourself.
  5. Understand your skill level, your gifts, and your talents – God gave you certain skills. God gave you His spirit and His DNA. Everyone is wired for creating things. We call this creativity, skill sets. For clarity, if you don’t like children, it is pretty safe to say that your purpose is not working in school or working in a nursery. Purpose is in the mind of the maker (God). Ex- Bishop shares that when he was in the 3rd grade, he wouldn’t it down in school. He was always getting into trouble for being out of his seat. One day a teacher suggested that maybe he should be placed in Special Ed. They decided first to test him and to their surprise, he not only passed the test, they found out that he was gifted. His parents as a result, put things in his hand to do such as music. This gave him energy and talent. Later in high school he learned that he could write. He found out that he had a gift for writing. So now he had discovered that he could write, read and comprehend real fast, play music, and he lots of energy with the ability to balance everything. If this wasn’t enough, he learned that he could speak really well. Public Speaking instructors loved his natural ability to add dynamics to his speaking. He jokingly says that he could speak so well, he could talk his way out of a fight. As a result, he never got in a fight growing up. This was developing his skills for dealing with conflict resolution. Later he got called to preach. Now with all of these skills developed, who knew that God needed a preacher that was going to have to do 3 services on Wed, 4 services on Sunday, and be able to Pastor a 36,000 + member church that would have need of someone that could deal with conflict resolutions. Your gifts align with your assignment and your purpose. If you don’t recognize purpose, you will waste your gifts on doing something you wasn’t assigned or designed to do.
  • Everything around your purpose has need of a skill set inside of you – Ex – One day a father slips $2000 inside his son’s coat so if he had need of anything, he would have the means to get it. One day the son decides he would go out and party. As time went on, he needed another fix, so he sold his jacket in order to fund the fix. When he comes home, his father asks him where his jacket was. The son said, “That jacket was old and it fell of me on to the ground, so I just told my friend he could have that old thing”. What he didn’t know is that his father had placed everything he needed inside that jacket and he just gave it away. Don’t look for stuff out in the world. Everything you need, your Father has placed inside of you.
    1. What‘s your skill, what’s your talent? If you are not good at math, then you won’t be a wealth manger. Your skill will always align with your purpose.
  1. Identify the type of impact you want to be in the world – There is a problem in the earth and you were born to solve it. The cure to cancer is already inside somebody right now, they just haven’t discovered their purpose yet. The person that found the cure to polio was put here to find that cure. Even the glasses that we wear were a result of somebody finding and living in their purpose.
  2. Strive to leave a legacy – As you search for a purpose, you got to leave a legacy. You got to be significant. You need to leave a legacy behind. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., is an example of a person who lived in their purpose and left a legacy. One responsibility of living in your purpose is to leave a legacy. What will you leave on record? Don’t be a one hit wonder!
  3. Connect with the individual or organization aligned with our purpose – Proverbs 27:17 (NKJV) says 17 As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. – If you’re the smartest person in the room all the time, then you are dull. You need to interact with people that are smarter than you sometimes. Iron sharpens iron.
    1. Ecclesiastes 4:9 (NKJV) says Two are better than one, Because they have a good reward for their labor. – You need people walking with you that help you affirm your purpose. You do not need to associate with people that will move you away from your purpose. Ex – Bishop Walker shares that when he first decided to be a Pastor, he had applied with a church in Smyrna TN. He felt like he would get this job real easy. He had preached there a couple of times, so he felt pretty confident. To his surprise, he was turned down, but look at what God has done since then. God aligns you with things that affirm your purpose. God will align you with a place that can use what your purpose has to offer.
  • You got to depend on God’s plan. Job 42:2 (NKJV) “I know that You can do everything, And that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You.
    1. Jeremiah 1:5 (MSG) says “Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you.
      Before you saw the light of day,     I had holy plans for you: A prophet to the nations—
      that’s what I had in mind for you.” – Jeremiah was young when God told him to be prophet to the nations. He was upset that they would not listen to him.
    2. Psalm 139:14-16 (MSG) 13-16 Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out; you formed me in my mother’s womb. I thank you, High God—you’re breathtaking! Body and soul, I am marvelously made! I worship in adoration—what a creation! You know me inside and out, you know every bone in my body; You know exactly how I was made, bit by bit, how I was sculpted from nothing into something. Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth; all the stages of my life were spread out before you, The days of my life all prepared before I’d even lived one day.

7 states of purpose

  1. Predestined – Before your mother and father got together, got knew your purpose.
  2. Passion – When you are born, you are born with a passion. As you mature, your purpose gets more focused.
  3. Preparation – Wherever you find passion, there has to be preparation. Your passion can’t be zeal without knowledge. Your passion ought to make you prepare. Your preparation sets you up for
  4. Position – Once you are prepared, positions open up. Even heaven is a position for prepared people. You never have to worry about position if you are
  5. Provision – God funds purpose. There are many of you that look at careers. You are chasing money, but when you are in your purpose, money will chase you. Your job won’t take care of you. Your job is just seed to sow. In purpose you will always have more than they pay you.
  6. Producing – Your blessing doesn’t ascend and descend. You simply reset. Look at Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry went from plays, to movies, to building his own studio. Your job doesn’t define your purpose. In purpose, you keep recreating yourself.
  7. Perspective – We are humble, because we know we don’t deserve it. Everything I have and everything I am, I owe to God. Always be willing to share with somebody the strategies and tools that God has given you, in order to help somebody else. If God can’t get a blessing through you, he will stop sending blessings to you!whyamihere

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I consider myself a Christian with an envangelistic calling. I like music, art, and computers. I belive that God gives us our gifts so that they may be used for his glory. It is my desire that everyone in the world comes to know God and have a personal relationship with him by means of music, evangelistic ministry, and by understanding the word of God.
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