Evolution to Revolution Part IV, “Do your part” Sermon 12/05/10

Evolution to Revolution Part IV

Do your part

Synopsis of Sermon 12/5/10

Delivered by Bishop Walker III

Text: 2 Tim 2:1-6


Each one of us must recognize that regardless of what happens in our lives, our witness is at stake. People want to know how people of God respond to crisis. People want to see how we get through things that we tell them they can make it through. How we handle challenges literally impacts the lives of others, because we represent Jesus Christ in the world. This is why everyone needs people in their lives that can coach you spiritually. Everyone one needs a spiritual mentor. We need people in our lives that can speak life to us. You need people that will help you to move forward in tough times. Paul is the mentor here in this text and he prepares Timothy for the challenges that lie ahead. Paul is seasoned and has experience many things in his Ministry and his life and he gives Timothy this impartation or this word about personal accountability and spiritual responsibility. You can’t ask God to do what you want him to do, if you are not willing to do your part. We must do all we can do and then God will do what we can’t do. There must be a corresponding action where faith is applied. Many people have faith, but they don’t have a corresponding action that is lived out in the human experience. We have to say God, “We trust you and believe you, but I am doing my part.” We have to be to the point where we have exhausted our resources, so when God does move, we know that we have been responsible and accountable. There is a promise on your life. God wants to do great things in and through us. There is word, worship, praise, and prayer in us. We have to get to a point where we declare, “Lord let me do my part.” God wants to see that you do your part, so he can see your spiritual accountability.


Usually through this type of sermon, you don’t get many “amen’s”, because we just want the blessing to fall out of the sky. We need to know that before getting our blessing, there is something me and you must do.

I. It is about being a strong soldier

1.     You are engaged in warfare. 2 Timothy 2:1-3 says 1Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. 2And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also. 3Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. -What we must recognize is there is a reality of warfare. There is a war going on. The devil is after your destiny. None of us will be surprised that the devil is after you, because of who you are and what you are trying to do. Now that when you recognize that you are in warfare, you don’t have time to play games, because you realize you are in a war.

2.     In war we must have:

A.    The Right weapons -We don’t try to out curse the devil or out do the devil, because we realize that our weapons are not carnal. A person that knows how to pray in the Holy Ghost or recall the word knows how to fight.

B.    We are a repeat winner. In verse 2 Paul says do the things you have seen. Paul is teaching Timothy, because he is standing there as a winner. We might have a setback, but we are repeat winners. We give God glory, because in the end we will win.

C.    Every soldier must know the importance of perseverance. Real soldiers are prepared for the battle. Lots of people end up in battle fatigued and wanting to throw their hands up, but we must hang in there. Get have to get like Paul and say we will let nothing separate us from the love of God… Ex– We won’t let joblessness or separation, make us give up. Some people are still here, because they recognize who they are. They are soldiers.

3.     Endure hardness as a good soldier. Stop whining about it, stop tripping over it, recognize that every day you wake up, this is warfare. Remember that you are a soldier in this warfare and you must do your duty. Stop going AWAL and do what God told you to do!

II. You got to strive spiritually

2 Timothy 2:4-5 says 4No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.5And if a man also strive for masteries, yet is he not crowned, except he strive lawfully.

1.       This is powerful. Paul is saying we got to learn to fight faithful. As a soldier, don’t let the devil make you deviate from where you are. We have to be who we are regardless to what we go through. Just because we go through a low season doesn’t mean we have to be low down. We have to maintain our integrity no matter what goes on around us. You might ask why God has put you where you are (where you end up being the only saved people on the job? God is trying to show you how to strive and survive spiritually.

2.       Characteristics of a soldier:

A.    Don’t get tangled in a carnal mess. There is a season among us. For many this is just confirmation because we feel a strong urge to change. You are tired of dipping and sipping and playing games. When you look at what you go through and the magnitude of the attacks on your life, you realize that you don’t have time to sit around people who are not spiritual. The warfare is so powerful; you don’t need non spiritual people around you. You don’t need those who just coming to church to see who is here. You need people who are trying to absorb God’s word like you are. There are some of you that know you have to cut people off and those people haven’t got the memo yet. You are done playing foolish games. We are going through too much not to be spiritual.

B.    We live by principles. Verse 5 teaches that each of us is aiming towards a goal. You are after something and we are in spiritual warfare to get it. The enemy says us that we going through so much, so deviate from your plan. If you do it the right way, right will always come back to you. You will not be crowned unless you do it lawfully (not scheming, not cut throat, or unrighteous). There must be continuity between confession and practice. People know how to perform in church, but won’t speak to you in the parking lot. Paul says whatever you going to do, do it right. If you going to preaching, preach right. If you are going to shout, shout right! It is not how high you jump when you shout. It is about how straight you walk when you come back down. If you do it the right way, your will be crowned. There is no short cut to doing it God’s way. Anything that comes to you too soon, you better be careful of it. Ex-There was a man at an intersection. The police had been following and observing him. When the light changed to green he was passing through and somebody sped up in front of him and cut over in front of him. The problem was after all that, they were driving slower than this man. This man who was at the light, let his window down and gave the car in front of him “the finger” and he used vulgarity. It was a classic example of road rage. The police pulled this man over. The man was concerned when the officer approached the car. The officer took his registration. The man who was at the light asked the officer what he had done wrong? The officer says you bumper stickers say Jesus is my copilot, one says Jesus saves, and another says WWJD (what would Jesus do?). The officer said he pulled over for suspicion of stolen car. The officer said after observing his actions, “This can’t be your car.”

III. This is a sower’s season

2 Timothy 2:6 says 6The husbandman that laboureth must be first partaker of the fruits.

1.     The one who labors and gives of themselves is who God wants to be planters. God doesn’t put it in us without wanting to see us plant and multiply. Many of us receive gifts from God, but we never plant anything. Some gifts were put in you to bless others. Sometimes God will take you through a situation just to see how good a steward you will be.

2.     Many of us have developed such a stingy spirit; it upsets us to read this sermon. The person labors and gives of their time are the first partakers of the fruit. When you are anointed you don’t mind planting. We sow and give at another level, because we realize that we have to do our part. We are the first partakers of the fruit. You have the right to receive, because you have sown.

3.     This is the season of the sower. People who have sown, is about to receive a blessing that they can’t phantom. God says your best days are ahead of you. When you do what you can do, God said he will do what you can’t do. Before there is a giving of a good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, you got to give. You got to repent and pray. Before mounting up with wings like and eagle, you have to trust God. Whatever God does he does for reason in the right season.

4.     This revelation that God gave was of powerful, God said he gave this word to say this is the right season. It is significant to receive this word on Mt Zion’s 144th anniversary. This number (144) is literally 12 squared. The number 12 represents God’s divine government and divine order. This is why God had 12 tribes of Israel, this is why Jesus had 12 disciples, this is why there are 12 foundations to the city of Jerusalem, and this is why there are 12 gates to the city. This is about divine order. Some of you have been waiting for this year to be over, but you don’t realize that you are about to talk yourself out of your break through. When you look at Revelation 14:1 you notice something. It says 1And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads. – In other words there was a remnant of them that was with the Lamb at mount Sion. There were 144,000 having their names in their foreheads. That prophetic word was about the 144 who were those who endured and faithful and who were being set up to receive an eternal reward. God says the number 144 represents a number of people. A lot of people fell off and a lot of people gave up, but we are still here. Things were not what they were supposed to be, but we kept trusting God. We kept on being faithful to God, so if 144 is 12 squared, then God says he is giving us this word in the 12th month to let our people know that he is about to bring things in order. There was a prophetic word spoke over us in the 9th month that said “The last 90 days will be greater than the first 9 months of this year” We have made it to the 12th month so it is got to happen this month. We are not going to wait until it happens to give God the glory. We are going to do it right now! This month! This year will not end until God makes good on every promise he made in your life! Remember however that you got to do your part.


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